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MSBuild Versioning is developed using Visual Studio C# 2010 Express, NUnit 2.5.5 and Mercurial.

To build:
  1. Download the source code.
  2. In the MSBuildVersioning.Debug folder, copy Program.base.cs and rename it to Program.cs.
  3. If you want to run the unit tests, unzip all the zip files from the TestRepositories folder to C:\Temp\TestRepositories.
  4. MSBuild Versioning requires itself to build (because it manages its own version number). You will need to place a copy of MSBuildVersioning.dll in the References folder. You can either download a pre-compiled DLL, or temporarily remove the HgVersionFile task from MSBuildVersioning.csproj file and build one.

If you make improvements or add support for another source control system, please consider contributing your code back to this project. You can use the fork function on the Source Code tab, or email it to

To do:
  • Solution for when revision number is -1 (invalid assembly version error)
  • Flag versions that are built from a developer repository (i.e. unofficial revision numbering) versus a central or build server repository
  • Other systems support - Team Foundation Server, Git, Bazaar
  • Test support for Visual Basic projects, and update instructions wiki page

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